drink and fight your way to the bar and back HOME!

  Bloody Christmas is a holiday themed drinking game that's designed to bring a night on the town to you. It's simple, just roll a dice to make your way to the BAR. Everyone knows you can't sleep at the bar though so prepare to get yourself back HOME to finish the game. Everyone wins, although technically it's whoever gets home first. As you travel through the frozen city you'll encounter a cast of unique, somewhat holiday themed characters to DRINK and FIGHT with.


over 20 characters to fight

We've made the game easy to pick up and play. The mechanics are based on simple math, all you have to do is roll a single six sided die, count, and DRINK of course.

Fightings at the heart of this game. So put up your dukes! To FIGHT, just roll a dice against the number on the top of the card. Roll higher than the number to stay on the FIGHT spot. You also get the FIGHT card you defeated to use against your fellow drinkers,

If you roll lower than the number on the FIGHT card though you DRINK the difference and move back that many spaces on the gameboard.

quality production

We want to create an awesome experience and a beautiful product that will look sweet on any bookshelf. To do so we want to produce this game in the USA so it's easier for us to ensure a great final product. We've conducted vigorous prototyping over the last few years and found some great materials to create this game. Keeping production local allows us to affordably travel to press checks and still afford decent beer.

closeupcards_web sized


To ensure a great Bloody Christmas experience, a little note for those of you enjoying alcoholic beverages. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. We want you to catch a buzz, not get totally wrecked. One drink can be as big or small as you like and doesn’t need to be alcoholic.

*Be aware that you will usually be taking a lot of drinks throughout the course of the game.

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