Q: Do I need to drink alcohol to play this game?


Absolutely not. I personally like to balance my alcohol consumption with a splash of water when I'm playing. It really helps tame down the inevitable hangover.

Q: Do I take gulps or sips for my DRINKS?


That's all up to you. The only thing I wouldn't recommend is drinking hard alcohol while playing Bloody Christmas.

Q: What happens when two players land on the same DRINK space?


The games all about drinking. The player that landed on the DRINK space already occupied will take a DRINK card first and then FIGHT the other player.

Q: What happens when two players land on the same FIGHT space?


Having FIGHT cards can be pretty sweet, especially in the late game. The player that lands on the occupied FIGHT space has to FIGHT the other player first. If they win they then get to try and FIGHT a FIGHT card. 

Q: What happens if my roll ties a fight card or opponents roll?


There are no ties in Bloody Christmas, only winners. If your roll ties either a fight card or your opponents roll you both re-roll until someone wins.

Q: How do I keep track of all the drinks I need to take?


Something I've learned while playtesting is that nobody wants to wait while you take your plethora of drinks. To keep the game moving I like to use a 20 sided-dice to keep track of my DRINK tab. Also it helps to hold on to the DRINK cards and toss them into the discard pile whenever you finish up drinking.

Q: Why make such a sadistic drinking game?


Games are designed to bring people together. Bloody Christmas is no different. We want people to have a good time together even if they're complete strangers from completely different backgrounds. So grab your cask of wine, grape soda, or whatever you want to drink and BACCHANAL!

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